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One Year with Jack the Dog July 9, 2017

Posted by judylobo in Traveling.
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It is hard to believe that it is one year since Jack the Dog  came to live with us at Casa Lobo. Other than his waking up time (which is 4:41AM) he is a perfect dog. He is sweet, friendly and gets along with other dogs, kids, neighbors and strangers. Two out of my three cats adore him. The elder cat essentially does not like anyone so it would be more surprising if she liked him. He is featured with some of the many friends who came to meet him this year. Enjoy our Jack-iversary.


1. M.Bellmore - July 9, 2017

Such a cute dog! Congratulations.


2. Mary - July 9, 2017

Lucky lucky dog….the LOVE sculpture pic is just sooo adorable. Congratulations on your 1 year mark!! 🙂


3. Helen Risom Belluschi - July 9, 2017

Is Jack blushing? That’s a fabulous tribute to Jack and all your many friends …. and to BEST FRIENDS also!!! xoxo


4. Jack of all friends - July 9, 2017

I resent how popular this dog is.


5. fotobuff14 - July 11, 2017

Jack is just the cutest little guy. Hope to meet him one day. Hugs and kisses to Jack and Happy ONE year Anniversary


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