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One-eyed Jack – In Memorium December 22, 2018

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It is with a heavy, broken heart that I tell you One-eyed Jack crossed the Rainbow Bridge this week. His health had taken a downward spiral in the past few months and it was time. I rescued Jack as a senior dog from Best Friends about two and a half years ago. He brought so much joy to my life. He was friendly with everyone. He loved kids, other dogs, street vendors, my apartment building staff and neighbors. Not a walk went by that someone did not come up to us to chat. Many New Yorkers would yell out ‘WISHBONE’ when they saw us (you might have to google that one). New Yorkers have a soft spot in their hearts for dogs, especially adorable one-eyed dogs. The one flaw he had was his insistence upon rising before daylight. We would traipse out into the dark of night and almost had the city to ourselves. Jack also adored my two cats, Audrey and Roberta and they adored him. I created a facebook page for them and we garnered close to 500 fans most who did not know me, but fell in love with Audrey, Roberta and One-eyed Jack. The house seems a lot emptier now and it will take awhile for a new normal to emerge. I have already been asked if I am going to get another dog. It is too soon to even contemplate that right now but if I do – I will adopt another senior dog as they need homes, aren’t nearly as cute as puppies but it is the right thing to do. Thank you all for caring about One-eyed Jack. It means a lot to me.

One Year with Jack the Dog July 9, 2017

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It is hard to believe that it is one year since Jack the Dog  came to live with us at Casa Lobo. Other than his waking up time (which is 4:41AM) he is a perfect dog. He is sweet, friendly and gets along with other dogs, kids, neighbors and strangers. Two out of my three cats adore him. The elder cat essentially does not like anyone so it would be more surprising if she liked him. He is featured with some of the many friends who came to meet him this year. Enjoy our Jack-iversary.

Meet Jack! July 17, 2016

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JackWMeet Jack!  He is the newest member of the gang at Casa Lobo. Jack came home with me last Saturday from the Best Friends Animal Society adoption event near my apartment. Was I planning to adopt a dog last Saturday? Absolutely not. I’d been thinking it was time to get another dog after losing my adored Benny last October but had not prepared at all. I walked into the adoption event at 11AM and walked out with Jack about an hour later. Jack was found on the streets of Brooklyn about a month ago. He is a senior (but so am I). He has a few health problems (but who doesn’t)? We are guessing he is about eight years old and perhaps a Jack Russell/Fox Terrier mix. He is friendly to everyone, laid back, quiet, and best of all – he seems to like my three cats. Do the cats like Jack? They get closer to him everyday and thus far there has been no fur flying at all. So this doggie tale ends well. I needed a dog and Jack needed a home. I look forward to many fun adventures with Jack. Stay tuned.MEETJACK