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Madison the Elder Cat – In Memorium February 4, 2018

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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In October of 2001 the superintendent of my building called me up and asked if I wanted a cat. It seems that a kitten had walked into the lobby of my building and just sat down. I rushed downstairs and found a little bundle of fur. And that was that. Fast forward almost 17 years and Madison crossed that very crowded rainbow bridge this week. Truth be told, she was not a very nice cat. That was part of her charm. She harrumphed around the apartment, hissed at her roommates and generally had a bad attitude. All of those aforementioned things made me love her even more. When she came to live with us I had two other cats, whom she learned to hate. A few years later Benny the dog came to live with us. She was not fond of him either. She outlived those animals and then got to share her space with kitten sisters Audrey and Roberta and eventually Jack the one-eyed dog. She did not like any of them either. Do I miss this grumpy cat? You bet.

The Binky Foundation is a private charitable organization (run by good friends of mine) dedicated to the protection of domestic and wild animals and the protection and expansion of their habitats. They have a Remembrance page  devoted to pets we have loved and lost. I have donated in the name of many of my friends’ pets. It helps this wonderful foundation do great things. I thought while you were waiting for the Super Bowl to start you might want to visit some of these Remembrances. All were beautiful animals who are still missed by their human families. I salute them all.


1. Christina - February 4, 2018

So sorry to hear of Madison’s passing! Of course I remember when you got her … how the doorman asked if you wanted a “cot.” She sure was sweet-looking … I didn’t realize she was such a grumpy cat! I especially like the pic of her with your paints.


judylobo - February 4, 2018

she used to love to sit and watch me paint.


2. Terry Phelan - February 4, 2018

She was so adorable as a “cot”….How did you manage the Japanese article?



judylobo - February 4, 2018

One of your esl students contacted me and the rest is sort of blurry in my mind


3. Ellen lee - February 4, 2018

So very sorry


4. Peter Bickford - February 4, 2018

Madison was the most beautiful of all grumpy cats! A remembrance has also been posted on The Binky Foundation website: http://www.binkyfoundation.org.


judylobo - February 4, 2018

thank you Peter and Mickey


5. Linc - February 4, 2018

Oh no! I feel your loss, I went through this too and it is hard losing a family member. Hang in there and shower love on your other pets. Peace to kitty.


judylobo - February 4, 2018

Thanks Linc. Madison used to listen in on our political griping sessions


6. Mary - February 4, 2018

She left with all your love….you did good…..peace…..


7. Bonnie - February 4, 2018

Madison is running free with my little sweet Annie now in animal heaven. Grumpy or not, they are our babies…. I feel your pain….. Sending big hugs your way….xoxoxox


8. Bonnie - February 4, 2018

P.S. interesting how we are only three weeks apart and both of us sharing a great loss this week. Love you. #astrology


9. Maria Buncick - February 4, 2018

One of the worst things in the world … to lose your beloved pet. So sorry. Madison was a cutie and handsome too. How you must miss him and his wicked but adorable personality. My kitties wish Madison a happy journey.


10. joel dowshen - February 4, 2018

So sorry Judy. We recently lost our Lucy after 18 years. We know how you feel. Our evenings are a little colder without her curled up on one of our laps (after being not nice to other people during the day).


11. Helen R Belluschi - February 4, 2018

Long live the “cot” Madison. Binky will hear from me. Yes, that bridge is too crowded.


12. fotobuff14 - February 4, 2018

RIP Madison. So sorry for your loss Judy.


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