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Zoocation 2019 ends with the San Francisco Zoo December 8, 2019

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The 9th and final stop on Zoocation 2019 was the always enjoyable San Francisco Zoo. My good friend and Co-Director of Animal Care Dom Dorsa greeted us and spent quality time showing us all of the new things that are happening at the zoo. I have been coming to SF Zoo for the past 20 years and it feels like a very comfortable second home. Thanks Dom for spending time with us. We will be returning soon.
 My friend and photographer extraordinaire, Mary Schwalm has created a new desk calendar for 2019. Happy to report she has eliminated the plastic holder and it is now a self-contained earth friendly multi-purpose calendar. For a sneak peek and also information on how to order yours click here.
 Lastly, our two photo sessions are now ‘live’ on the Central Park Zoo’s website. The February session will feature Valentine animal enrichment fun. The spring session (spending on the arrival of spring) will feature seasonal animal enrichment. Sessions fill up quickly. Sign up here.


1. Mary Radice - December 8, 2019

Love the first pic but I have no idea what type of mammal it is!! So cute….thanks Judy! 🙂


judylobo - December 8, 2019

You mean the anteater above the title?


Mary Radice - December 8, 2019

Yeah I didn’t realize from the angle that it was the anteater!! Got me Ms. Judy!! 🙂


2. Linda - December 8, 2019

You always take remarkable pictures. What animal is in the first photo


judylobo - December 8, 2019

If you mean the one above the title it is an anteater coming at you at a very different angle.


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