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Spring at the Philadelphia Zoo April 1, 2012

Posted by judylobo in Animal Video, Baby Animals, Big Cats, photography, Wildlife, Zoo.
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My zoocation pal, Mary Schwalm, drove down to NYC for a very busy local mini-zoocation. One of our journeys took us to the Philadelphia Zoo.  We got to see their year old gibbon baby, 10 month old snow leopard cubs, new female lion and fast growing jaguar cub (that we saw last October) as well as a two month old adorable sifaka baby. Enjoy the photos and my video of the breeding Victoria Crowned Pigeons that were seen at the McNeil Avian Center. (If you subscribe to my weekly Sunday photos (and get them in your in-box) you are probably not able to view my videos from your inbox image.  Just scroll up and click on the Blue link (which is the name of today’s send) and it will take you back to my ‘While at the Zoo’ website where you can watch the video selection.)