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Capron Park Zoo December 2, 2018

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Our mini-zoocation in late October continued with a visit to the Capron Park Zoo in Attleboro MA. The Capron Park Zoo was established in 1937 on land donated by the Capron family. The zoo is situated on eight acres and has been open since 1937. We had not been to the Capron Park Zoo in about 10 years and were happy to see that some of the animals we remembered were still there. If you are in the area I suggest a visit.

Bosque del Apache November 19, 2017

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We spent five fun-filled days with a great friend in Albuquerque NM last week. She had been inviting me for many years to come visit the Bosque del Apache refuge to see the wintering grounds of the sandhill crane, snow geese and more. We delighted at both sunset and sunrise to see the birds flock by the thousands. The Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is located in southern New Mexico. It was founded in 1939 and is administered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  An eight mile loop allows us to view these amazing animals without disturbing them.

Legos at the Royal Botanical Gardens August 20, 2017

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Last week’s fun vacation to the Toronto area was filled with luscious gardens and fabulous art. One of our stops was the Royal Botanical Gardens where they were featuring 14 themed Legos sculptures amidst the surrounding gardens. 

Moody Gardens, Galveston Texas July 12, 2015

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The final stop on our 2015 all Texas Zoocation was the all encompassing Moody Gardens in Galveston Texas.

The facility features three main pyramid attractions: the Aquarium Pyramid, which is immense and beautiful and holds many species of fish and four species of penguins; the amazing Rainforest Pyramid, which contains abundant tropical plants, animals, birds, butterflies, reptiles, and a variety of other rainforest animals including free-roaming monkeys and two-toed sloths; and the Discovery Pyramid, which focuses on science-oriented exhibits and activities.

A special shout out to Paula Kolvig and Donitta Brannon for hosting us and showing us every wonderful thing there was to see. Starting to plan Zoocation 2016 – stay tuned.MOODYGARDENS

No ‘ifs’ – Just Ends and Butts – 2014 December 31, 2014

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Chimp-ButtIt has been a great year for new faces, places and spaces.  Thank you for coming along for the ride. I celebrate the end of my 11th year of Sunday montages, and following tradition I leave you with with no ‘ifs,’ – just ends and butts.  I am also taking a look back at some of the new places that we have visited. Looking forward to more zoo-cations in 2015 and wishing you all a very Happy Zoo Year!
The National Zoo
The San Francisco Zoo
The Staten Island Zoo
Zoos of New England
The Detroit Zoo
The Toledo Zoo
The Knoxville Zoo
The Chattanooga Zoo
The Tennessee Aquarium
The Nashville Zoo
The Memphis Zoo
The Arctic Landscape
Land of the Midnight Sun
Land of the Ice Bear
The US Open
-Chihuly Garden and Glass
Woodland Park Zoo
Southwick’s Zoo
Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo
Philadelphia Zoo YEARENDS

The Stone Zoo – Fall 2014 November 2, 2014

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Stone LynxLast month’s min-zoocation in New England finished up at the always fun Stone Zoo in Stoneham MA where we got to see adorable Lynx cubs, two Colobus babies and a gorgeous new wolf troop.

There are still a few spaces left in next Saturday’s photo workshop (November 8th, from 8:30 to 10:30) at the Central Park Zoo. We won’t be having a pumpkin fest but we will be doing other fun things.  Sign up here and enjoy lots of photo ops – all before the zoo opens.STONEZOO2014

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo October 12, 2014

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ftwaynechildrenszooWhat do zoo fans do in their free time?  We visit other zoos, of course.  While visiting the fabulous Toledo Zoo last week, we took a ride to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in nearby Indiana.  It has been on my ‘to do’ list for a long time and I was not disappointed.  The zoo’s history is interesting and their exhibit animals are varied and unique. The zoo is open just six months a year and is loyally supported by it’s citizenry.

Next Sunday (October 19th) is our Central Park Zoo fall foliage photography workshop featuring enrichment pumpkins and fun for all.  There are still a few places available – guaranteed fun.

Also – on Saturday, November 8th from 8:30 to 10:30, we are running another photography opportunity.  Come one, come all. Check out all of the details (workshop includes breakfast and a chance to speak with our hard working keepers at their exhibits).FTWAYNE

Svalbard: The Arctic Landscape July 13, 2014

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SVALBARD ICEMy Arctic adventure ends with Part Three – the landscape.  Yes I was thrilled to see polar bears, walrus’, seals, reindeer and more but I was most captivated by the compelling landscape of ice, snow and water.  The blues, blacks, turquoises and grays of the landscape kept me staring for hours as we sailed through this cold and beautiful land.  I hope you have enjoyed the journey through my photos and if you are overwhelmed by the summer’s heat – that these photos have cooled you down a bit.SVALBARDLANDSCAPE

Svalbard: Land of the Midnight Sun July 9, 2014

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Svalbard WalrusPhotos from our amazing adventure to Svalbard, Norway with National Geographic/Linblad continue with Part Two. Of course seeing polar bears  in the wild was breathtaking but nonetheless fabulous were the walrus, seals, whales, reindeer and rich bird life. We reached the 80th parallel north and were about 600 miles from the North Pole. Part three will feature the beauty of the landscape. SVALBARDPARTTWO

Svalbard: Land of the Ice Bear July 6, 2014

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SVALBARD BEARI just returned from an amazing adventure to Svalbard, Norway with National Geographic/Linblad to visit the land of the midnight sun – the Arctic. The grand prize was seeing polar bears in the wild but the Arctic has so much else for adventurers including walrus’, seals, Arctic foxes, whales (Beluga, Humpback and Fin) and reindeer.  The richness of it’s bird life kept us busy scanning the skies and the waters.  We reached the 80th parallel north and were about 600 miles from the North Pole. Part two will feature more mammals, birds and the beauty of the landscape. A special shout out to a great crew and expedition naturalists. For those interested in maps, I have included a map of Svalbard below today’s montage.SVALBARDICEBEARSLand_Of_The_Ice_Bears_An_In-Depth_Exploration_Of_Arctic_Svalbard