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Minnesota Zoo May 19, 2013

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Baby PenguinI credit good friend Jamie with our idea for zoocation 2013, when she relocated to the Minnesota Zoo, to become their Bird Supervisor.  Zoo #2 on was an all access pass with Jamie and her colleagues as they showed us their fantastic zoo. We got an up close and personal visit with their two adorable penguin chicks, a behind the scenes visit in the enormous tropics trail aviary, the Grizzly coast, the sea otter area, Minnesota trail and much more.  Looking forward to revisiting with Jamie in the coming years as we watch this already enormous zoo grow bigger and better. A big Lobo shout out to Jamie!


Central Park Zoo’s Penguin Chicks November 20, 2011

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The Central Park Zoo had a banner baby year.  Along with over 100 ducklings (including the sensational Chinese Mergansers) eight penguin chicks were hatched (four gentoo and four chinstrap) and hand raised by the Zoo’s dedicated staff. I was lucky to be able to watch them grow and thrive.  Now you can see what the fuss was all about on the Central Park Zoo website.  Follow our now grown chicks and see how it all began.

Here is the first of WCS’ videos coming your way.  This one features, Juan Romero as he tells us about ‘The Real Chicks of Central Park Zoo : How to Foster a Penguin.’