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I Was Raised By Wolves January 23, 2022

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 Yes, my last name is Wolfe – ergo, I was raised by wolves. My friends can attest that whenever the topic of wolves arises or if we are at a facility that has wolves I always say ‘I was raised by wolves.’ I always get a laugh out of my old joke and my friends roll their eyes. Sometimes it is hard not to be corny. The first full moon of the year is known as the wolf moon, and appeared last week on the evening of Monday, January 17. The moon was named after wolves that were thought to howl more frequently this time of year. Click here to see some beautiful photos of this glorious full moon. Enjoy these photos of wolves I have encountered. Howl if you like.

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo March 3, 2013

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Maned WolfI haven’t been to Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo in a number of years.  Our mid-week visit was a snowy winter wonderland.  The walkabout included red wolves, maned wolf, bison, red foxes, bald eagles, pronghorn, playful river otters, tigers and more. Inside the warm tropic zone you’ll see pygmy marmosets, black and gold howler monkeys, agoutis, toucan, scarlet ibis, ocelot and much more. Take the day trip – you’ll have fun.