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Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo March 3, 2013

Posted by judylobo in Traveling.
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Maned WolfI haven’t been to Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo in a number of years.  Our mid-week visit was a snowy winter wonderland.  The walkabout included red wolves, maned wolf, bison, red foxes, bald eagles, pronghorn, playful river otters, tigers and more. Inside the warm tropic zone you’ll see pygmy marmosets, black and gold howler monkeys, agoutis, toucan, scarlet ibis, ocelot and much more. Take the day trip – you’ll have fun.



1. April Rivkin - March 3, 2013

These are among your best!


2. tiger719@nyc.rr.com - March 3, 2013

wow got it all and GREAT pics thanks


3. Janet Salzman - March 3, 2013

You are soooooooooo good…I could count the hairs on the wolves ears


4. Rene - March 4, 2013

Beautiful job.. Most people don’t realize the zoo is open .


5. Carol King - March 4, 2013

Great pics. I love the top one.


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