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Cheers! December 25, 2021

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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 Holiday time is always fun at my house. We celebrate most holidays (especially the ones that demand we wear a hat). My little gang of critters are all good sports and since today is Christmas we would like to share some of these fun moments with you from the past and present. Wishing you al a very merry and a happy. Cheers!

A MIghty Windy Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade December 1, 2019

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I was lucky to be able to score six bleacher tickets for the parade. Prior to the parade the local weather forecasters were predicting dire circumstances for the balloons. Would they fly or wouldn’t they fly? Turns out they did fly (sort of). Most of the balloons were horizontal and it was very tricky to try to contain them. Kudos to the balloon handlers for generally keeping them afloat. My family loved the parade despite the cold, the wind and the two hour wait before it began. Hope you had a warm, cozy, yummy Thanksgiving with family and friends – I know we did.