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Three Months with Mr. Pepe April 5, 2020

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 It is definitely going to be challenge to come up with different topics for my Sunday photo blog while social distancing and quarantining during this COVID19 crazy time.Luckily I have my own little zoo here at home. Today’s montage features my cats Audrey, Roberta and Pete as they adjust to having nine pound Mr. Pepe around the house. Mr. Pepe has been with us for the past three months and all is hunky dory. The cats have learned to scramble when the tennis ball I throw to Mr Pepe comes their way. There is an understanding at meal times who gets fed first. There’s lots of sniffing and staring but by and large everybody is cool with this new living arrangement. Hope you are all safe and healthy.

Meet Pete! July 14, 2019

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In my not very zealous quest to find a new senior dog to bring home I found Pete.(Note to my friends who are very sure I need another dog…I have not given up my doggie search but have just gotten side tracked for a bit). Pete is about one to two years old and walked into my friend’s yard and began to hang around. After a few free meals Pete got the idea that inside was much cozier than  outside. That same friend gave me my other two wonderful cats, Audrey and Roberta, almost six years ago. So how could I say no to this new offer. Pete moved in three weeks ago today and is fitting in perfectly. If you are on facebook, you can follow the daily adventures of Audrey, Robert and Pete.