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Summertime at the Central Park Zoo August 11, 2013

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LEMURThe abundance of rain has helped make our luscious zoo gardens even more beautiful  this summer.  The crepe myrtle are a wonderful pink as are the large hibiscus, beautiful roses and more.  They make a great background to view our fabulous collection of zoo animals.  Come visit.

Summertime at CPZ

Enrichment at the Central Park Zoo August 19, 2012

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Enrichment is a big part of daily life at zoos. Hidden treats are a great way to keep the animals interested, busy and stimulated throughout the day. Summertime gives them even more enrichment as our many Central Park Zoo campers create enrichment for many of the zoo residents.  This photographer is enriched by being able to snap away as the animals enjoy their treats. Check out this video of zoo animals eating that I created back in 2007. If you subscribe to my weekly photos (and get them in your in-box) you are probably not able to view my videos from your inbox image.  Just scroll up and click on the Blue link (which is the name of today’s send) and it will take you back to my ‘While at the Zoo’ website where you can watch today’s video selection.