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A Taste of Snow January 27, 2013

Posted by judylobo in Traveling.
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biru-winterWe have been experiencing some bitter cold temperatures in the Big Apple this week and we finally got something pretty out of all of that shivering.  A light coating of snow fell Friday night and I was inspired to photograph some of the beautiful animals at the Central Park Zoo enjoying this winter’s First taste of Snow.




1. saima - January 27, 2013

love it!! Is that both snow leopards, Zoe & Aski, featured here?


2. judylobo - January 27, 2013

That handsome guy is Askai – featured two times.


3. Tiger - January 27, 2013

Absolutely gorgeous thanks

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4. Susan Ferla - January 27, 2013

Love the Red Pandas!

Susan Ferla Colorist 102 Cascade Rd Stamford, Ct 06903


5. fotobuff14 - January 27, 2013

Awesome photos Judith. Just got home from the Bronx zoo. Got some lovely landscape shots.. The animals in the CPZ are obviously able to handle the cold better as not too many were out at the BZ. However having the zoo all to yourself is absolutely fabulous. Thanks for sharing.


6. Jackie - January 28, 2013

Love all the pics, jackie


7. Gloria - January 28, 2013

They’re all beautiful but I particularly like the striking black and white water fowl against the white snow background. Thanks Judy.


8. Larry and Sigrun Coffman - January 29, 2013

Thanks Judy! Keep’m coming.


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