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First Snow of the Season at the Central Park Zoo December 15, 2013

Posted by judylobo in Traveling.
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AskaiWe did not get much snow earlier this week but we got enough for some fun snow photos of the zoo residents (especially the snow leopard twins) enjoying their first snow of the season.  My own kittens, Audrey and Roberta, enjoyed watching their first snowfall too.  Check out the video below today’s photo montage.



1. DEBBIE CAPONIGRO-KAHN - December 15, 2013

Great snow shots. Love the one with the red panda sticking its tongue at you. I have a couple of shots of the animals doing that to me. Starting to think they are trying to tell me something. LOL


2. janet Salzman - December 15, 2013

Benny made sure we knew he was around!!! What a great family!!!


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