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SNOWPOCALYPSE February 9, 2014

Posted by judylobo in Traveling.
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snowpocalypse pandaNew York City’s snowfall in 2013 amounted to 27 inches.  It is only February and we have already tracked 40 inches with more snow coming later today.  SNOWPOCALYPSE!



1. Diane Williams - February 9, 2014


You always take such great photos!!! I love the one of Biru and the one of Amaya and Biru together!!! The snow leopard cubs are gorgeous!! I have to get to the CP zoo to see them before they get moved to another zoo!
Thank you for sharing the photos!! 🙂


2. saima - February 9, 2014

Great cardinal shot! I point them out to visitors whenever I can.


3. tiger - February 9, 2014

Nothing more beautiful than the animals enjoying life in the snow and being captured on photo by you

Sent from a Smart Phone byt typed by a dumb typist.


4. Jnana Hodson - February 9, 2014

You’re not far behind us in my corner of New Hampshire, we’re the tally is around 50 inches so far. Admittedly, we’ve been missing some big ones as they duck south, hitting you instead.
At any rate, you have our sympathy and understanding.


5. janet Salzman - February 9, 2014

We would never find Audrey and Roberta in this weather!!! Glad they are indoor critters,


6. Margaret Markey - February 9, 2014

Simply beautiful. Thank you!


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