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Staten Island Zoo’s 80th Anniversary June 26, 2016

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It was a bittersweet visit to the Staten Island Zoo as we said farewell to our dear friend, General Curator and Veterinarian, Marc Valitutto last week. Marc has done amazing things in his four and a half year tenure at the zoo. The collection has grown in both numbers and depth as has the zoo’s attendance. I have visited Marc eight times in these past years in all kinds of weather and have always had a wonderful up-close and personal visit. I have had the joy of introducing Marc and his collection to many friends who now also call him their friend. I wish him well in his new venture and will miss him and our visits terribly.

If any of you want to relive some of those fun visits you can click away on any of the following links. Fall at the Staten Island Zoo, March at the Staten Island Zoo, Part Two, Staten Island Zoo, May 2014, Staten Island Zoo in Summer, September at the Staten Island Zoo, Winter at the Staten Island Zoo, Summer 2015 at the Staten Island Zoo, Meet AJ the baby Tamandua, Part Two.SIZOOFINAL


1. Lisette - June 26, 2016

Good luck on your new endeavors, Marc!
And as always Judy- thanks for my Sunday fun pics! Miss your jokes. 🙂


2. Mary - June 26, 2016

Love the bird on the Gila Monster! 🙂


3. Tommy Bull - July 31, 2016

HI Back in around 1969 there was a man that worked there for years related to the Ottos had a Daughter. I was friends with them and
Been thinking about them is there a way you can help me find out his name and I can get a message to him. I’m sorry I was a young boy and I forgot there names but wonderful Man and his Daughter was. I’m in LA now and a Feature Film Director known for Miami Vice and Face Off
I’m back that way again shortly in Conn Directing a Feature Film and love to find them. I was addicted to The Zoo and all that was going on there. Movies Wild Kindom all the time I went to see
Thank you so much for any help and your time
Tommy Bull


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