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National Zoo – Winter 2019 February 24, 2019

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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We took a mid-week trip to DC and due to a teeny weeny snowfall the city was shut down for an entire day. So we visited the following day and even though there was very little snowfall the visit was well worth our time. Who doesn’t love a giant panda in the snow?


1. Ellen Lee - February 24, 2019

Lovely pics. Panda in snow makes me smile


2. Connie Robb - February 24, 2019

Judy, what animal is that in the first photo? Love the Panda….is he on loan? Always love your amazing photos…..


judylobo - February 24, 2019

That is a naked mole rat.


3. Terry Phelan - February 24, 2019

Was the first photo the naked mole rat? Is it a baby?Does it ever grow fur? >


4. Carole Klein - February 24, 2019

A study in black and white, the zebra, the foreground and background.


5. joel dowshen - February 24, 2019

Think there’s a possibility of replacing all of the current administration and cabinet with these much more intelligent and attractive beings? It’s a short commute.


judylobo - February 24, 2019



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