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National Zoo (late 2022) January 15, 2023

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I took a short, delightful trip to DC over the holidays to visit friends. Even though there are so many wonderful cultural places to visit in that city (and we did) we always find time to go to the National Zoo even for just a few hours. Enjoy!

National Zoo – Winter 2019 February 24, 2019

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We took a mid-week trip to DC and due to a teeny weeny snowfall the city was shut down for an entire day. So we visited the following day and even though there was very little snowfall the visit was well worth our time. Who doesn’t love a giant panda in the snow?

Cats – Small, Medium and Large October 4, 2015

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639I love all cats – small, medium and large. This week’s montage is devoted to these gorgeous creatures. Did you know there are 37 species of cat?  Down near the bottom of today’s montage you will see my three cats (yes, three) – Madison, the elder cat and sisters Audrey and Roberta who are now two. Want to see them as kittens?  Meow. SMLCATS