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Svalbard: The Arctic Landscape July 13, 2014

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SVALBARD ICEMy Arctic adventure ends with Part Three – the landscape.  Yes I was thrilled to see polar bears, walrus’, seals, reindeer and more but I was most captivated by the compelling landscape of ice, snow and water.  The blues, blacks, turquoises and grays of the landscape kept me staring for hours as we sailed through this cold and beautiful land.  I hope you have enjoyed the journey through my photos and if you are overwhelmed by the summer’s heat – that these photos have cooled you down a bit.SVALBARDLANDSCAPE

Gus the Polar Bear – In Memorium September 1, 2013

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GUS-1985-2013A picture is worth a thousand words is an apt expression for this week’s photo montage dedicated to one amazing polar bear. Gus, the polar bear who lived at the Central Park Zoo, was euthanized this week, at age 27.  Inoperable cancer took him away from us – but he left us (it is said over 20 million visitors had seen Gus) with wonderful memories and stories.  I was lucky enough to know Gus for 24 of his 27 years.  As an ambassador to a dwindling species he (and now deceased companions, Ida and Lily) represented the polar bear with dignity, grace and beauty. He always made me smile and there was never a day at the zoo that my camera was not focused on him. I miss him already. If these few photos are not enough for you, here is a link from a photo montage that I made last February 2nd, in honor of International Polar Bear Day. In memory of Gus, we have booked a trip to Arctic Svalbard to hopefully see polar bears in the wild. Here is a video I made back in 2007 or a younger, Gus enjoying the pool. GUShttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RD0Q2E3zwf8 – 4.18.2007