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da Bears! May 29, 2022

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 Grizzly bears are back at the Central Park Zoo. Come visit and welcome Amber, Luna and Treena along with the rest of our amazing collection. You still need a timed ticket even if you are a member. The weather is great and the animals are active.

The Grizzlies – Betty and Veronica March 29, 2015

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BETTY BEARThe Central Park Zoo’s newest residents, grizzly bears Betty and Veronica, have settled in nicely to their new home.  After a long cold winter they have truly begun to enjoy their streams, ponds and pools and can be seen bathing throughout the day. Come visit!BV

The First Snow of 2015 January 11, 2015

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Malala in snowThere’s nothing quite like watching animals frolic in the snow. Tuesday’s few inches of snow made for some great zoo animal action.  This week’s montage features Central Park Zoo’s debut of grizzly bears, Betty and Veronica and seven month old snow leopard cub, Malala, enjoying her first taste of snow. The snow monkeys and red pandas also enjoyed their first snow of 2015. Come visit.firstsnow2015