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Ho Ho Ho! December 27, 2020

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I hope your Christmas holiday was festive and safe. Today I am featuring the fun we have had over the years during Christmas. Some of you might recognize the gang that has already crossed that Rainbow Bridge – Madison the Elder cat, Benny and One-eyed Jack the dogs. Looking at these old photos always makes me smile. Thank you for following my Sunday blog. The Gang at Casa Lobo (Audrey, Roberta, Pete and Mr Pepe the dog) join me in wishing you all of the best in the coming year. More fun in ’21.

Hanukkah Fun December 13, 2020

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 This is day four of Hanukkah and I thought I wold share some of my Hanukah photos over the years. Some of you might remember doggies Benny and One-eyed Jack and of course grumpy Madison the cat who have all crossed that rainbow bridge. Our present gang includes Audrey, Roberta and Pete the cats with of course our newest arrival Mr. Pepe the dog. No animal was singed, harmed or abused in any way in the making of these photos – treats were involved. Family fun. Please continue to wear your masks, wash those hands and socially distant. The end of all of this madness is in sight.

Happy Jack-iversary July 8, 2018

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Year two with Jack was just as good as year one except for some worrisome health challenges. When you adopt a senior dog you have to expect some glitches along the way but you are never really prepared. This year Jack lost an eye (hence his new name, One-eyed Jack). I also learned the word ‘enucleation.’ It was scary but he pulled through like a champ and seems to be unaware of any changes. The good news is that he always seems to be winking at me. He also suffered from pancreatitis and had to spend three nights at the vet’s office. But once again he came through better than ever. Other than his waking up time (which is 4:41AM) he is a perfect dog. He is sweet, friendly and gets along with other dogs, kids, neighbors and strangers. My two cats, Audrey and Roberta adore him. They snuggle up to him and watch him as he sleeps (and snores). I am looking forward to year three with One-eyed Jack. I lucked out when I rescued him and hope he feels the same way too. I encourage you to adopt, not shop for a pet and if you are so inclined, a senior pet is a true gift.

While Not at the Zoo April 1, 2018

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Tomorrow marks seven weeks since my shoulder replacement surgery. It is definitely a very s-l-o-w recovery (it seems there are a lot of moving parts in one’s shoulder). I am working on lifting my SLR camera that I use at the zoo but in the meantime I am using my phone and documenting my zoo gang of three at home. Enjoy some of my recent photos of One-eyed Jack, Audrey and Roberta. Wishing all a very Happy Passover and Easter.