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First Snow of the Season at the Central Park Zoo December 15, 2013

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AskaiWe did not get much snow earlier this week but we got enough for some fun snow photos of the zoo residents (especially the snow leopard twins) enjoying their first snow of the season.  My own kittens, Audrey and Roberta, enjoyed watching their first snowfall too.  Check out the video below today’s photo montage.


There’s no place like home… July 7, 2013

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Rodriguez Fruit BatIt has been a couple of months of Sundays (and occasional Wednesdays) since I have featured my home base, the Central Park Zoo.   There’s lots going on at NYC’s little gem of a zoo.  We have three Swan Goose goslings, young Patagonian Cavy twins, baby Banded Mongooses and a young Victorian Crowned Pigeon.  The usual cast of other wonderful animals includes Gus the polar bear, three acrobatic sea lions, April, Katy and Edith and the largest sea duck collection in a zoo in North America.  Come visit – There’s no place like home!


Spring at the Central Park Zoo March 31, 2013

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the easter bennyRarely a holiday goes by (whether we celebrate it or not here at Casa Lobo) that doesn’t cry out for a new hat that Benny the dog can wear. Enjoy this year’s Easter Benny..

Spring has sprung at the Central Park Zoo. The flowers are waking up after a long winter, and our animals are more active than ever.  Come visit us.

Our Breakfast with the Birds class (April 28th) is sold out but there are a few spaces left in our Family Program, Images in Spring (Sunday, April 14th from 9 to 10:30).  This family program is designed for parents and kids to share a photo adventure before the zoo opens. Click here for details and to sign up.


A Taste of Snow January 27, 2013

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biru-winterWe have been experiencing some bitter cold temperatures in the Big Apple this week and we finally got something pretty out of all of that shivering.  A light coating of snow fell Friday night and I was inspired to photograph some of the beautiful animals at the Central Park Zoo enjoying this winter’s First taste of Snow.



Open Wide January 6, 2013

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Benny-Opens WidePhoto themes are fun.  Sometimes a theme pops into my head while at the zoo and other times the themes are generously offered by my subjects.  Today’s theme is ‘Open Wide.’  It was fun to put together. And yes, that is Benny the dog, opening wide for my camera at home. If you liked today’s photos check out these three other themed montages from 2012.

The early bird
Whose toes are those?
Gotta Move it!

For those that are looking for a fun zoo photo outing, on Saturday, February 2nd (Groundhog Day) I will be running a Winter Photo Adventure for adults and children at the Central Park Zoo. We will go on a family scavenger hunt in the zoo using our cameras (there is a ‘theme’ involved).  Ticket price includes 1 child and 1 adult. (Ages 6-18 with adult.)  Sign up here – it is listed under ‘family programs.’


Central Park Zoo – end of July July 29, 2012

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It has been about two months since I sent out photos from my home base – the Central Park Zoo.  There’s lots going on, as usual, at the zoo. Our four species of penguins are fattening up for the upcoming molting season. Gus, the polar bear, plays with his toys in the cool refreshing pool. The three coati brothers (Lobo, Zev and Wolfie) continue to be playful and active most of the day.  Our fabulous sea ducks cool themselves off in the sprinklers and ponds.  Come visit soon and meet our two new sensational Hyacinth Macaws, located directly outside the Penguin House. Other animals featured today are the red crested turaco, Rahjah sehlduck, Jambu fruit dove, April the sea lion, a muntjac, Atlantic puffin, crested coua, red panda and snow monkey.

A June Day at the Central Park Zoo June 3, 2012

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June is busting out all over the Central Park Zoo. There’s so much to enjoy when you plan a day at the zoo. Along with our fabulous collection of penguins, puffins, sea ducks, black and white ruffed lemurs, red pandas and of course, Gus, our polar bear we now have a collection of bugs!