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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year October 30, 2022

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 The most wonderful time of year for me is pumpkin season. It is fun, colorful and enriching. Enjoy last Sunday’s photos from our fun photo session at the Central Park Zoo.

Pumped for Pumpkins November 7, 2021

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 My October obsession with all things bats and pumpkins has come to an end with last Sunday’s adult photo session at the Central Park Zoo. Fun and enrichment was had by all species. I usually post something about our having to turn the clocks today as Daylight Savings Time ends. If you enjoyed those posts – here is the one from last year. Enjoy that extra hour of sleep.

Pumpkin Fun at the Central Park Zoo October 25, 2020

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 One of the best things about this time of year are pumpkins. I normally run a public before hours photo session at the Central Park Zoo featuring pumpkin enrichment for our animals. Like most everything else the session was cancelled this year due to COVID19. I decided to go ahead with the enrichment and thanks to CPZ’s amazing staff we pulled it off. We dismissed with carving and just gave the animals whole pumpkins. It was fun, colorful and enriching for them, the staff and me. If you are a pumpkin nut like me – here’s a trip down memory lane from some of the other pumpkinpalooza events. 2019’s Hello Gourd-geous2018’s Pumpkinfest2017’s Pumpkin’s a Plenty –  2016’s Pumpkinpalooza. There’s more – but you get the idea. Here’s hoping that next year we are back to ‘normal’ times and we can have a pumpkin photo session again. Please stay safe, wear a mask and social distance. Enjoy the pumpkins.